Email Marketing for Artists

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Are you not seeing the results you want with your art business? Are you overwhelmed with all of the marketing tasks you feel like you should be doing? If you are putting hours into marketing your work, but aren't seeing an increase in sales, then this course is just what you need.
Every creative needs a thriving email list to reach their ideal customer. This course teaches you how to build the list to engage with your clients and increase revenue.
    • Sections: 5
    • Video Content: 30+ minutes broken into 6 videos
    • Workbooks: 5 PDFs to use alongside videos
What you are going to learn

How to Build and Grow a Thriving Email List

Many artists neglect their email list or don't have one at all. Email marketing is the number one tool I have used to scale my art business. In this course, I teach you exactly how to use your list to increase your following, engage with your ideal customer, drive clients to your site, and ultimately increase revenue.
Throughout this course you will discover the most important aspects of email marketing and how to use it to grow your business. The course is broken into the following sections:

  • The Importance of Email Marketing
  • Grow Your Email List
  • Determine Frequency
  • Anatomy of a Newsletter
  • Bonus Benefits

Included in this Course:

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  • Each section includes a short video diving deep into the topic and associated PDF workbooks
  • Strategies that I use everyday to grow my email list 
  • How to write a newsletter that will resonate with your subscribers and generate sales
  • 10 topics to get you started writing your first newsletter
  • Bonus tips to get you growing your list right now

Meet Hayley

Artist, Gallery Owner, Business Coach for Artists
Hayley Price
I believe it takes an artist to know an artist. Graduating from Washington & Lee University as a Studio Art and Business double major, I know the trials that artists must face when attempting to navigate this ever-changing creative environment. Whether beginners or professionals, all artists need an extra set of hands at times to help them to grow. Through in-person consultations and online courses, I devise the best solution to give each individual artist the tools they need to grow, foster relationships and ultimately spend less time stressing over matters that keep them out of the studio.
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